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Find a Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder here for safe hands-free Feeding!

Its versatility, ease of use and safe sturdy arm, makes these perfect Baby Gifts for twins and multiples.

Mother's 3rd Arm  A Great Gift!

Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

Setup & Installation of Universal Bottle Holder

How To Install and Care for the

Mother’s 3rd Arm

    No more propping bottles on pillows or blankets; no more dropped or thrown bottles or Sippy Cups and no    more trying to care for your child when there are other children or things that have to be cared for as well.

This is what it means to have Mother’s 3rd Arm!

Here are basic instructions on how to install your Mother’s 3rd Arm

Congratulations on getting your own Mother’s 3rd ArmTM

“The Extra Hand Whenever You Need One!”

Introducing Child to Mother’s 3rd Arm TM


  (1)  It is very important to first patiently introduce Mother’s 3rd ArmTM to your child by letting them hold it and even play with it before attaching it to anything. This can be done while they are in their crib, stroller, coach or elsewhere. Do this when your child is rested and fed.


 (2)  Without you child, attach the Bottle Holder to proper surface of Stroller, Car Seat or elsewhere (See details for mounting below).


 (3)  It is best to introduce the Bottle Holder during your child’s feeding time while they are hungry. This will make the introduction quicker. Otherwise your child may reject it at first, but as long as you keep their milk or other favorite beverage held in it, once they are hungry they will begin to use it and the rest will be history.


Setting Up Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Holder

  One must develop an eye for finding the right places to mount the Mother’s 3rd ArmTM. It is best if you have one bottle    holder permanently attached to your child’s car seat, another one attached to stroller and a third one that you carry around for restaurants and elsewhere. This way the mother does not have to bother with removing it once it is set up firmly in   place. However, you can switch it multiple times per day for different uses, but it is not advised, as there will be times that  there will be no time to attach it before driving or strolling off. It is designed to attach on most surfaces less than 3 inches in  diameter that are either flat, round, square or even oblong.  It attaches to most strollers, car seats, booster seats, high chairs, regular chairs, tables or other things. Once securely mounted,  Mother’s 3rd ArmTM is used to firmly hold baby bottles, Sippy cups, food cups and drinking cups. It grows with your child. It then transitions to, or doubles as, a craft caddy, holder of paint, coloring pencils, bubble liquid, pacifier, toys and more.First, let’s learn its design, parts and functionality.


  The Mother’s 3rd ArmTM Baby Bottle and Infant Sippy Cup holder has three main sections. There is the holder itself,  attached to the Flexible Arm which attaches to the clamp which itself will attach to numerous surfaces. See diagram here:



  Advised Technique For Tightening Clamp Screw

  In order to firmly and securely mount your bottle and Sippy Cup holder so it does not come off unless you wish to take it  off. It is best if you use one hand to turn the Clamp Screw clockwise while using the other hand’s Index Finger and Thumb to pinch the clamp mount close as you turn to tighten it. At the same time you should softly wiggle the clamp (otherwise move it back and forth) as you turn clockwise until clamp mouth is fully tightens.

     See the following example:

    Squeeze Clamp’s Mouth While Turning To Tighten Clamp onto Surface


General Types of Mounting Surfaces


    Mother’s 3rd ArmTM Should always be mounted in a way so that the child’s container can be positioned comfortably for child to feed. In general, for baby bottle feeding the clamp should be mounted/attached above the eye level of the infant. For Sippy Cup or other feeding, it should be at arm or lower level of child. There are exceptions depending upon the type of car seat or stroller you have.

    There are many types of Strollers, car seats, booster seats, high chair and other things on the market.  Yours may have a flat, round or irregular, thin or thick shaped surface. Many have straightforward plain surfaces; others

     May have more creative surfaces. If you have plain surfaces to mount the Mother’s 3rd ArmTM on, it shall be simple. If you have a more creative surface, then you will also need to be creative in determining how best to mount the Clamp. Here are some tips on how to best attach Mother’s 3rd Arm to your baby accessory.

  Attaching Mother’s 3rd Arm to car seat

    Infant Car Seat Attachment:

    Many car seats will have a clear square, or block-like place to screw the Mother’s 3rd ArmTM clamp to, others will not be so simple or clear. You must first look for a place to mount on the side of the car seat (unless you have an armrest on the car seat itself as Minivans have). Anywhere else it can mount. Initially you may have to try different mounting surfaces until you find the right one that both attaches firmly and places bottle holder in child’s reach. If you do not see a clear simple surface then it would be time to get creative as follows:

   Mother’s 3rd ArmTM can be attached to difficult infant car seat in one of two more creative ways.

  1. 1. It can be attached directly to the car seat itself; or,
  2. 2. It can be attached to the base of the car seat.



      Infant Car Seat Side-Arm Mount

      Step 1: Small & Limited Sized Surface


          If the thickness of mounting surface is less than one inch, it is best to widen it with rubber strip, which can be added to your purchase for little cost. Place the rubber strip to the arm of the infant car seat. (Your car seat may look different. Look for the best place to attach mouth of the Clamp).

             Step 2:

           Turn the Clamp Screw counterclockwise until Clamp mouth opens enough to fit around the mounting surface then turn the Clamp Screw clockwise with right hand while wiggling clamp with left hand until it is tight enough so the clamp does not move or slip off. If is slips off you must remount or find a more suitable surface. Most Fire House Stations have personnel competent for attaching this to car seat. Once done it is advised to not take it off.



Infant Car Seat Base Mount


      Step 1: Very wide & Odd Shaped Surface

       Place the rubber strip to the base of the infant car seat. (Your car seat base may look different. Look for the best place to attach Mother’s 3rd Arm TM)

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

   Step 2

    Since the sides of most infant car seat base is hollow, it is best to place this rubber strip to give you a better platform to mount Mother’s 3rd Arm.TM

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

   Turn clockwise with right hand to tighten clamp while wiggling clamp itself with left hand until it is firmly tight.

    Toddler / Child Seat Attachment:

           Many toddler seats will have surfaces that you can readily see where to mount clamp. Others will require you to be creative. If you have one that requires more attention, be prepared to try it in different ways until you finally get the right position that your child loves. Here is an odd but suitable surface.

      Toddler / Child Seat Mount

       Option 1

         The Clamp Mouth can be attached to the side indentation of the toddler seat without requiring anything else. Just open Clamp Mouth enough to fit it firmly onto the side, and then tighten until clamp is firmly mounted and cannot slip off.

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

      Toddler / Child Seat Mount

      Option 2

       Here the seat is covered in fabric material. In order to ensure firm hold, place the rubber strip over the cloth covering in the side of the toddler car seat arm-base area (Your toddler seat may look different. Find the best place to attach clamp). Turn Clamp Screw clockwise until fully tight.

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

       Toddler/Child Booster Seat Mount

        Booster seat mounts are normally clear.

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

        Since the child is either going to be feeding from a Sippy Cup or Cup the mount is OK at waist level, but more importantly, the shape of the surface makes attaching the clamp simple.

         Booster Seat Attachment:

        Booster Seat Arm-Mount

          A common Booster Seat mount for this Sippy Cup holder is to attach it to the right or left arm of the seat. Simply turn the Clamp Screw counter clockwise until the Clamp mouth is able to fit over the area. Now turn clockwise with your right hand while squeezing clamp as instructed above and softly wiggle clamp while tightening it until firmly attached and does not slip off.

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

 Booster Seat Cup-Mount

        Some Booster seats come equip with a cup holder of its own; however, the child inevitable ends up by dropping or throwing their cup. You may find mounting Mother’s 3rd Arm as shown to the left is an excellent way to mount the Sippy Cup holder for your child, only now they cannot drop or throw their cup.

Infant Car Seat Base Mount

      Regular Car Seat Attachment:

 Regular Minivan Seat Arm Mount

       Typically all Minivans have arm rest and this is another excellent area to mount Mother’s 3rd Arm. Just be sure to follow the instructions above on squeezing the Clamp’s mount with your index and thumb fingers while you tight the Clamp Screw.

Infant Car Seat Base Mount


       •  Follow Installation instructions on box and below carefully in order to properly mount Mother’s 3rd Arm.TM

       •  The Mother’s 3rd ArmTM does not contain lead, BPA, Palates or other known harmful chemicals.

      •   The : Mother’s 3rd ArmTM should be used with children who have the coordination to either move their heads away from nipple once they have mouth full of milk or able to push and pull holder on their own – on average 6 months and older are able to do this, but each parent or caretaker must determine the child’s ability



  • • Children should not be laid flat on back while feeding with or without the use of Mother’s 3rd ArmTM and should be inclined by at least a 30 degree or more angle. It is best if child is in fact sitting upright. This is so if too much fluid builds up in their throat, they gag or they choke, they will have a better chance to expel fluid out and not drown on/in the fluid.
  • • Do not disassemble, misuse, modify or alter from its original construction, only remove holder to clean cover or to use other accessories and always follow instructions for proper handling when positioning for use.
  • • Always remain in visual contact with any infant user and never leave them unattended when feeding with or without Mother’s 3rd Arm.TM

  • • Although a holder of baby bottles and Sippy Cups itis only cleaned by hand using baby shampoo and IS NOT TO BE PLACED IN DISH WASHER OR WASHING MACHINE. Doing so cancels warranty.
  • • To clean the cover, simply unscrew the bottle holder counter-clockwise (hold the arm with your left or right hand tightly, and with your other hand, turn the bottle holder in a left going circle) then pull off the cover and wash ONLY by hand with a mild baby shampoo or plain liquid and let air dry.
  • • To clean the plastic Arm and Clamp itself, simply use a damp cloth with baby shampoo or mild soap and wipe it until any liquid, food or other substance is gone.