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Find a Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder here for safe hands-free Feeding!

Its versatility, ease of use and safe sturdy arm, makes these perfect Baby Gifts for twins and multiples.

Mother's 3rd Arm  A Great Gift!

Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System


 As Seen on NBC Today Show!

THACK! Bottle meets thefloor!


   Screech!   Baby alerts mom to the
   situation with non-stop crying!


The world seems to stop turning while the poor
mother scrambles to scoop up baby, bottle, and
console her crying child. One handed, she washes
the nipple and  juggles baby while scooping formula
with water or milk into a clean bottle.

This is the eternal struggle between mom
and the dropped or thrown bottle that has
raged ever since the first infant found his milk
in a container. The unsuspecting mother places
a full bottle (or Sippy Cup!) into the hands of a
seemingly happy child. When mom turns her back
to go shower,  wash dishes, or just take a break
suddenly... Mom discovers that two  hands are just

not enough!

Often, it’s the subtle things that
make the most profound impact!

Featured on:

Mother's 3rd Arm has been nationally broadcasted

on NBC TODAY Show  segment thebump.comas

being 1 of 5 children products "that really work" in

2011. It is 1 of the 10 winning inventors in the New

Product Hunt co-sponsored by Inventors’ Digest

magazine, the United Inventors Association, the

Academy of Applied Science and Proctor & Gamble.

It has been aired on the Home Shopping Network,

NBC Today Show ( and other media

product show.


Has a multitude of household as well as office uses

which greatly value to the user over the years.


Need a Helping Hand?

A Durable, Colorful, Versatile Baby Bottle
and Sippy Cup Holder to the Rescue!

                  From Bottle holder to       Sippy Cup holder

                 Milk babybaby

                  From Sippy Cup holder     to Eating Cup Holder

                 hbaby     ebaby

Have You Seen a Baby:

Too Small to Hold their Baby Bottle?

Throw Their Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup on Floor?

Cry at the Top of Their Lungs For Fallen Bottle?

Has it Happened While:

You Were Driving?

You Pushed Them In Their stroller?

You Were Cooking, Doing Laundry, Dishes etc?


How helpful would it be if you had a

dependable trustworthy extra arm

that you could always rely upon to

be there whenever you needed to

safely hold your child's Baby Bottle

or Sippy Cup while feeding?

is the answer.


The "Universal Baby Bottle Holder"

by Mothers 3rd Arm is designed to

Help Parents who must "multitask" by:

  1.    1.    Keeping their eyes & attention on the road so they don’t get into accidents;
  2.    2.    Feeding twins, triplet, quadruplets etc at the same time;
  3.    3.    Handling older or younger children who need care in other ways;
  4.    4.   Cleaning home, washing cloths, cooking and other household duties;
  5.    5.   Taking a relaxing, or more intense, exercisepower-walks with stroller;
  6.    6.    Social or other outings with other parents of other children, spouse or other; and,
  7.    7.    Any situation where your child needs to have access to their food or stay hydrated so you canbe free to attend to other things and reduce overall stress and anxiety about whether they need more water, juice, milk or food.




uses are endless.

It continues to grow with your child’s needs.

It is designed to stimulate your child’s

imagination while freeing up your hands

to attend to the innumerable tasks young

mothers face every day. You will be amazed

how Mother’s 3rd Arm stimulates your child’s

development, helping them to drink, feed

themselves, and strengthen their hand-eye



Parents of Multiples


is the perfect solution for feeding multiples at the same time.

It makes feeding time relaxed & enjoyable while teaching

babies how to eat & drink on their own and have fun doing

it too… Attach it to high chair, car seat, stroller or anywhere

else it’s most useful for you and your children.    

baby     man

Demands of Parenthood

Parenthood can be very challenging while

trying to maintain a household. Mothers

are always trying to multitask which can

be very stressful. Mother’s 3rd Arm makes

multitasking easy. You can now do more

while Mother’s 3rdArm feeds your child.

We as mothers ourselves believe that a

happier child makes for a happier Mom… Try it for yourself!

Milk baby

Parenting takes on a new turn while you are trying

to manage a toddler and an infant at the same

time when they both demand attention. Mom!

You deserve a reward for all you are doing

already. Mother’s 3rd Arm just provides a

helping hand when you are trying to manage

more than just One.


Whether you are out driving doing chores or in the

park for a stroll, Mother’s 3rd Arm is the perfect

solution for any situation. Drive safely knowing

your child will not be crying for his bottle.

Mother’s 3rd Arm is there for him.




It may be hard to imagine but it is possible!

Fathers love to pitch in to help take care of

the baby and give Mom a deserving break.

Mother’s 3rd Arm takes the guess work out

of feeding a baby. The baby bottle or sippy

cup is always present for the child to eat or

drink which makes it very easy for anyone

caring for the child to just relax about feeding the child.    



Mother’s 3rd Arm will prove so indispensable; you'll

wonder how you ever got along without one.


Multiple grips to attach to mostly all surfaces,

no matter its shape or size, and it has actual

velvet sleeves that are interchangeable in

different colors, machine washable. This

amazing device is truly a wonderful gift that

will simply keep on giving—to you and to your child.



is much more than a bottle and sippy cup holder

Use it as a Snack holder, Parental support,

Toy mount, Pacifier holder, Child development

aid, Spill preventer and more. In sum, perfect

Baby Shower Gift. We can’t wait for you to

discover some new uses for yourself and your

unique situation!