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Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

How to Increase Child Development

As parents we want to give our children the best opportunities and advantages, in order to improve their quality of life. We want our children to have the brightest futures possible and the best education.

Molding your child’s development at an early age is important. Studies shows hand and eye coordination starts in early infancy.

Parents with children between the ages of one and three should encourage games that allow children to use their hands to manipulate objects.

For example, putting together a puzzle with a child will provide an important amount of hand and eye coordination. Self serve bottle feedings can also help increase child development in an infant’s hand and eye coordination.

The Solution

Most of these conditions can be easily prevented from infancy during feeding. As parents we need to help increase child development in our children from birth. Bottle feeding is an activity that requires hand and eye coordination with support of parent hands. Although parents are supporting the bottle or Sippy Cup, the child is still using their hands hold the bottle or Sippy Cup and watch where they are placing their hands.

Now just imagine for a moment what would happen if a child, who actually requires someone to hold their baby bottle or Sippy Cup for them, is now provided a device which not only holds their baby bottle and Sippy Cup for them, but also allows the infant to hold it and begin to learn how to move it their baby bottle or Sippy Cup for themselves?

There is such a device and it has been known to therapist throughout the world who's work strives to rehabilitate adults that have lost full or partial control of their ability to hold things for themselves.

It’s a baby bottle holder, Sippy Cup holder, Child Development aid and more. It’s called Mother’s 3rd Arm!

Now get this: If you are a mother of twin or triplet kids, feeding time is normally difficult without help. The average mother must multi-task everyday more than 30% of their day and it is twice that for mothers of triplet or twin babies. As mothers of twins or triplets, in general and being a mother period, there are plenty of times throughout each day that we do not have any extra helping hand during feeding time. Having a baby bottle holder or Sippy Cup holder for our infants is something that can be a godsend.

The Benefits & Child Development

Mother’s 3rd Arm is designed to give you and your children the extra help when mom’s two hands are occupied. Mother’s 3rd Arm is covered in velvet, has many stimulating colors and textures, is chemically safe and washable. What is more this is the only bottle & Sippy Cup holder that attaches to any table, crib, car seat, high chair, and yes, strollers. The added plus is that it helps to improve:

  • Sharp visual stimulation
  • Eye/Hand coordination
  • Growth independent learning
  • Responsibility (child learns not to throw a cup or bottle)
  • Sensory and motor skills
  • Transition into different feeding stages
  • Your child’s sense of security by having consistency in feeding method
  • Increase Child Development

Mother’s 3rd Arm baby bottle & Sippy Cup holder is the only doctor recommended bottle holder because it improves child development and is a safe and secure way to let your child feed themselves when you simply have to drive or do other tasks.