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Parenting A Life: Breast Feeding

Good Tips On Breast Feeding

My mother in law, Alice Merritt of San Jose California, explained to me one of the greatest sayings that she recalls her mother telling her:

"Alice, when you have children, always remember that the greatest gift that you can ever give them is the gift of good health and the foundation of good health is the milk from their mother's breast."

Benefits of Breast Milk.

Let's be very honest. What we find in the stores whether in cans, bottles or boxes fall very short of being mother's milk. No matter how scientifically advance we become, no matter how hard we try, the nutrients that are found in natural breast milk will not be duplicated.

Breast milk has inherent natural antibodies that reduce infections, allergies and defects in bone development and the health of your baby's blood cells. There will always be a risk to a child's ultimate health when using artificial infant's milk, but you cannot go wrong with mother's milk.

Breast feeding allows children to develop a deep connection with the mother and other mental and physical developments. In a real way breast milk is the foundation for our mental as well as physical health.

And not to be totally selfless, breast feeding is excellent for us women. It actually works actively to contract the uterus back to its normal size after the pregnancy stretched the stomach to its limits. The monthly periods are usually delayed and there is a myth that it will generally prevent women from getting pregnant during the breast feeding period.

From personally experience I learned this was not true, at least for me.

What is the best way to prepare for and start breastfeeding?

The breast nipples should first be massaged and manipulated until milk begins to seep to the surface of nipple. This is done in a pumping-rolling fashion. Just imagine clay or dough between your fingers and motion in and out.

Next, make certain that your hands and breast are cleaned with water or a decent non allergenic natural soap.

Now rest your child comfortably in your arm and let their lips touch your nipple as you gently part their lips while your are massaging milk out for them to taste. Once your child tastes the milk they will instinctively open their mouth and begin a natural sucking; however, it is very important for you to bring the child's head tight upon your breast and see if their month is fully "latched" onto your breast.

Latching is critical in order to ensure that your child is getting a healthy flow of milk and not air. Every time you breast feed the first liquid that the child gets is not fully milk, but lactose.