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Parenting A Life: Bottle Feeding

Child Development Stage: What New Moms Need to Know about Bottle Feeding

Should I use Formula or Breast milk, with my newborn? This question plagues the minds of millions of new mothers all around the world. Regardless to what mother chooses, bottle feeding is vital to child development. Bottle Feeding eases the transition to self feeding and independence. Mothers breast feeding may feel this article is not relevant or unrelated to their situation. Breast feeding mothers eventually, bottle feed. Bottle feeding do not only relate to baby formula, but breast milk harvested for baby consumption. Within this article, I will give pointers for bottle feeding, formula or breast milk.

Child Development Stage: Breastfeeding to Bottle feeding

The old saying is true, “There is no substitute for Breast milk”. Breast milk contents the best vitamins and nutrients for your baby. Studies show, breast milk is healthier for babies than formula. In fact, when discussing feeding options for your baby, the pediatrician would recommend breast milk. Breast milk is not always the top pick for working mothers, mothers with anxiety about breast feeding in public or mothers without proper knowledge of breast feeding and the benefits. There are many benefits of breast feeding for baby and mother. Within this article, we are discussing the importance of bottle feeding.

Weaning a baby from suckling milk from mom’s breast to bottle can be a challenge, for most strictly breast fed babies. Transitioning babies to bottle feeding can have drawbacks for mom. Each breast fed baby adapt to bottle feeding in different ways. Mom may experience pain and discomfort, throughout bottle feeding transition. Mom’s breast will still continue to produce milk, regardless if the baby is suckling. With all this said, transition to bottle feeding must take place gradually and gentle. Mom should think about buying a breast pump and using her own milk when bottle feeding. Using mom milk will reduce pain in mom’s breast and baby is already using mom’s milk. Once baby is older enough to hold the bottle with support, mom should invest in Mother’s 3rd Arm. Mother’s 3rd Arm will provide the support your baby needs for getting across an important milestone in your child development.

Formula Bottle Feeding

Mothers already bottle feeding their newborn have less trouble bottle feeding their infants. When bottle feeding your baby in the hospital, it is likely you will get a new disposable bottle every feeding. However, at home throwing away bottles can be expensive. During the first six months, mom should wash and sterilize baby bottles. I know you are probably wondering, why do I need to wash and sterilize my baby bottles? Studies show hot water alone does not kill germs, heat kill germs.

Sterilizing your baby bottles is painless. Just get a pot of water, place it on the stove, heat until it come to a boil. The baby bottles you are trying to sterilize submerse the baby bottles in the water for five minutes. Then, take the baby bottles out and place them on a clean towel to dry.

When bottle feeding your baby, it is important for your baby to feel secure. Many moms try to prop the bottle on blankets, pillows or sponges, since most mom have busy schedules. Mother’s 3rd arm bottle holder eliminates the need to prop baby bottle.