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Mother's 3rd Arm  A Great Gift!

Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

About Us - Mother’s 3rd arm

More than a decade ago, Margo Smith waiting for her

daughter to arrive, with her two grandchildren, at  

  Margo’s  cabin nestled in Arizona’s hill country.


What should have been a routine trip,

turned into a near nightmare. When Margo’s daughter  

  finally arrived, she wasan emotional mess and drained

from drivie through mountainous terrain while

having to tend to two hungry and irritable children.


Margo & Grandchildren

  Margo was so deeply affected by her daughter's distress

that she went to work on the world's only truly universal

bottle holder the very next day.

   Within a week's time Margo produced the first

        prototype of what would become internationally

known as Mother’s 3rdArm™

Fast Forward...

    Around the time that Margo was looking for someone to

            license Mother’s 3rdArm™ to Dr Salma Merritt was asked

      to develop a similar device; however, the partnership fell

   apart and within 30 days, Margo and Salma was put in

    touch with each other and after several hundred focus

                groups with mothers, she enhanced the Mother’s                   




Salma Merritt, M.D.
Enhancer of Mother's 3rd Arm and Mother of 2

Our Mission: To empower, enrich, and support others

to achieve independent living, freedom and peace of

mind through our products which are designed with

love, care and compassion.