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Find a Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder here for safe hands-free Feeding!

Its versatility, ease of use and safe sturdy arm, makes these perfect Baby Gifts for twins and multiples.

Mother's 3rd Arm  A Great Gift!

Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

Eating and Sippy Cup Hand Holders for Infants

THACK! Bottle meets the floor!

Screech! Baby alerts mom to the
situation with non-stop crying!

The world seems to stop turning while
the poor mother scrambles to scoop up
baby, bottle, and console her crying child.
One handed, she washes the nipple and
juggles baby while scooping formula or
pours breast milk into a new bottle.


Have You Seen a Baby:

✓ Too Small to Hold their Baby Bottle?

✓ Throw Their Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup on Floor?

✓ Cry at the Top of Their Lungs for Fallen Bottle?


Has it Happened While:

✓  You Were Driving?

✓  You Pushed Them in Their stroller?

✓  You Were Cooking, Doing Laundry, Dishes etc


This is the eternal struggle between
mom and the dropped or thrown bottle that has
raged ever since the first infant found
his milk in a container. The unsuspecting
mother places a full bottle (or Sippy Cup!)
Into the hands of a seemingly happy child.
When mom turns her back to go shower,
wash dishes, or just take a break
suddenly... Mom discovers that two
hands are just not enough!


Need a Helping Hand?


From Bottle holder to         Sippy Cup holder

From Sippy Cup holder      to Eating Cup Holder


How helpful would it be if you had a

dependable trustworthy extra arm that

you could always rely upon to be there

whenever you needed to safely hold your

child's Baby Bottle or Sippy Cup while



Fathers love to pitch in to help take care of their

child and give Mom a deserving break.

Especially when the load is made lighter.

Mother’s 3rd Arm is an excellent assistant.