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Find a Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder here for safe hands-free Feeding!

Its versatility, ease of use and safe sturdy arm, makes these perfect Baby Gifts for twins and multiples.

Mother's 3rd Arm  A Great Gift!

Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

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What Mother’s 3rd Arm Bottle Holder Gives


Testimonial of long-time user Sarah J.,

breastfeeding mother of two: a one-year

-old and a three-year old.

✓ Kids love it and are comfortable using it

     ✓ One child drinks from bottle while the other

drinks from a sippy cup

  ✓ Allows for focused attention on one child

while the other is breast feeding

 ✓ Great when cooking dinner/doing dishes.

      ✓ Attaches to the shopping cart, coffee table,

car seat, stroller in the park