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Find a Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder here for safe hands-free Feeding!

Its versatility, ease of use and safe sturdy arm, makes these perfect Baby Gifts for twins and multiples.

Mother's 3rd Arm  A Great Gift!

Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

Quality and safety

Quality Control &
Product Safety


Toxic Free Materials


Each phase of Mother's 3rd Arm

      manufacturing and auxiliary products has

      been undertaken to ensure that Mother's

  3rd Arm product are free of chemicals

  known to be harmful to children. This

           includes, but not limited to, BPA, phthalate,

PVC and lead.


Of course, it is never recommended to

    leave a child unattended during a feeding

    whether or not using a Mother's 3rd Arm

bottle and cup holder.



Each Mother's 3rd Arm is built by hand, one at a time,

to ensure high quality and safety.

Not quite like a Rolls Royce in pricing or mechanics, yet the staff who oversees and controls the manufacturing process for Mother's 3rd Arm are fully committed to putting in every bit as much care into the process of making each unit.

Every raw material that goes into making the molds, plastics, rubber and cloth of this product is environmentally friendly. These are not merely words, but being parents of infants ourselves, and having a kinship with all others who are parents as well, we strive to put together products that we will be 100% satisfied with regarding the safety of our children.

What most parents do not know about Mother's 3rd Arm is that for nearly a decade it has been mostly sold to professionals looking to rehability folks who were recovering from accidents or ailments and needed a device to assist them as they worked on regaining their strength and coordination. Then it was spread to the Special Needs community where thousands upon thousands of people throughout the United States, Europe and Asia have purchased and used it to assist them in life.

After the first six years on the market, Dr Salma Merritt and her team conducted specific research in the various communities, questioned parents, care providers and others about their uses and collected data only on what needed to be improved. From 2008 to 2010, this team produced varietions of Mother's 3rd Arm until their focus group research produced no further data for things that needed to be changed.

Each batch of materials used in the manufacturing of Mother's 3rd Arm is tested by independent third parties unaffiliated with our company. We do not believe in cutting corners. Dr Salma has designated 20% of net proceeds to be provided to women in Pakistan and other countries where advancements are needed.