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Doctor Recommendation on Bottle Cup Holder System

Executive Team

Executive Team

Dr. Salma Merritt, MD - Co-Founder and Developer of Mothers 3rd Arm Doctor Salma focused on Internal Medicine and became specialist in Ultrasound diagnostics.She has examined thousands of Fetuses and delivered countless children throughout the worldand is a mother of two herself. She is inspired to improve fellow mothers daily lives.




David Merritt - President of Sales and Marketing

After years spent in generating sales for products and

services which served the company more than consumer,

sales became a routine that carried little, if any, personal joy.

Having been raised in a family of ten, assisting hismother in raising his younger siblings, the Mother's 3rd Arm became man

a no-brainer for him. Not only does he findpleasure in selling

a product that is helping others, just as importantly, he finds

real joy in selling a product that actually helps others to have

better quality of life as well as improving child development.




Jeremy Eastwood - Senior Vice President of  U.S. Procurement

A graduate of Stanford University, majoring in Business Administration and Marketing, Jeremy joined the team in 2012 as a strategist and immediately rose to lead the company in many key areas. He is a perfection by nature and focuses on how  to bring the absolute best for customers.



Michael Andres - VP of Online Sales and Marketing

At the helm of Mothers 3rd Arm's internet marketing strategies the company has grown dramatically. He has increased traffic by 500% and sales by 300%.  He has improved customers user experience as they make onlie purchases.  Michael was an integral managing leader in an ad agency where he help grow the company from start to $10million a year in revenue.  He has also managed TV station ABS-CBN web marketing and been CEO of an ad agency iBoostSEO.  His 10 years experience within internet marketing companies has been a huge part of Mother's 3rd Arm success.

Michael Andres holds an Internet Marketing Certificate at University of San Fancisco.


Dr. FarooqAzam - President of Manufacturing

     As a doctor of dentistry, Dr. Azam focus has been on  Mother's 3rd Arm device technical end of the business . Having been hands-on in managing themanufacturing.ofvarious products over the last 7 years, heis a stickler for detail. He personallyoversees the training and management of all manufacturing personnel as well as personally involved in face-to-facepurchasing of all materials that goes into making the Mother's 3rd Arm and its related accessories.





girl           BushraRashed - Business & Operations Director Majoring in business, MsRashed is involved in handling on-line and off-line business operations and coordination. The day-to-day oversight of orders, marketing, business and other data for Mother's 3rd Arm is compiled and distributed through her.