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Its versatility, ease of use and safe sturdy arm, makes these perfect Baby Gifts for twins and multiples.

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Testimonial from first-time parents, Lawrence and Christina who have used Mother’s 3rd Arm

for over two years with joy and peace of mind.

Testimonial of long-time user Sarah J., breastfeeding mother of two: a one-year-old

and a three-year old.

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“I just had to write a note to tell you how great the Mother’s 3rd Armis. Everyone has heard the Mother’s old saying, “I wish I had a third arm.” Well, now we can! [have one] With 5, 3 and 1 year olds, I can use all the help I can get. It’s great!.”

Char McNeil, Salt Lake City Utah


“I am the mother of four children, and my favorite thing about the Mother’s 3rd Arm is how it keeps my child’s bottle/drink attached to the stroller. Being busy with children, it is a great help and the only bottle holder that works on most things. Thank you!”-

Jana Marx, Boise, Idaho


“I gave a Mother’s 3rd Arm to a friend of mine and she couldn’t say enough about how it changed her day-to-day routine. Thank you!”

                                          Marianne Mago, Manhattan Beach, California



“It is the most wonderful baby product that I have ever purchased. I have bought all of my friends’ one, and they love it as well. Thanks for the wonderful invention!

Sandra subotich,South Lyon, Michigan


“I first used the Mother’s 3rd Arm when I had two very young babies, and believe me, I needed a third arm. With this product, children can drink beverages with ease, and it’s useful for so many other things.”

Wendy Cracchiolo, Phoenix, Arizona

Mother’s 3rd Arm has been a real blessing for my mother who was injured severely in a fall back in December 2008. It has been great for her to use at the hospital or rehab center for keeping her hydrated throught the day and night. Before receiving this product, I could not find usefull bottle or food holders for the disabled. I would recommend this product for all healthcare industries who serve and help the disabled or anyone who needs assistance .

Cindy Conn, CMA, AAMA


I have a son with a rare genetic condition and is unable to sit, talk or walk. He is PEG fed (stomach fed) through a tube attached to a pump. We find this product extremely useful for holding the bottle of milk inverted so that the milk can pass through the pump.

Allan Melbourne, Australia


 We have have been using Mother’s 3rd Arm for 2 to 3 years. We got it for an 83 year old man who has Parkinson’s Disease and cannot hold a drinking container securely or steadily. He thinks it is wonderful. It has proved invaluable. We use it at each meal plus occasionally between meals. For awhile the patient was in a power chair and now he is in bed continuously. We clamp the Arm on a roll around table and it works great.

Don Hartley, Rockville, Md


My daughter has been using the Mother’s 3rd Arm for years now. She is eighteen and has many special needs. We would be lost without it. I have ordered many through the years. It stays attached to an armoire where she watches her videos, and I’m able to keep her with fresh milk throughout the day. She is not verbal, and cannot hold a cup, so I want to have liquids available to her when she is ready. I move it up on the armoire when she is in her wheelchair and down when she is on the floor. We use ours daily and do adjust it from time to time. I hate to think of all the people that rely on someone else to decide when they are thirsty. Thirst doesn’t happened like meals, three times a day. You can be really thirsty one day, and not much the next. (I see this with my daughter) She only drinks milk, and we are diligent about keeping her cup filled up with cold milk. Then it is her decision as to when she wants something to drink. It has been GREAT for her!

Melanie Stoneridge, Palo Alto, Ca